Who Own’s Internet

Meet The Owner Of Internet

The most basic and usual question which can arise in anyone’s mind is who own’s internet??? Really who’s is the greatest person to own internet,as the need of internet services has rapidly  growing it requires proper setup to provide high speed  internet now about 20-25% of worlds business runs online as  a it is safe and easy way to earn lots of money,, let’s see how internet  works and how it reaches you…

Working Explained/Who Own’s Internet

Here you clicked​ on Share button on this page will let you share this blog just because you are connected to internet but did you brought it from the owner of internet or from distributor, now the biggest fact internet does not have any single Owner then where your money goes??? Here is a thing to know how this works, This system works in three tier, User>Service Provider>Service Generator now here user pays some money for the service to service provider now the service provider pays money to service generator but why, as networking requires huge wire connection this companies service generator has placed a wire in the sea connecting all the countries of world now here any single company cannot do it hence it is done according to region and interest, then these companies get your money as they are at top most position in this three tier system.
In this way this all systems work and you can use internet easily at reasonable rates.This is biggest fact that very few people knows 4-5% of people using internet know about this, here are world’s top internet service provider’s.

Top Internet Providers

  • Comcast
  • AT&T
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Century Link
  • Charter
  • Verizon
  • Cox
  • Optimum

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