What Points Should Be Consider While Purchasing New smartphone

Purchasing New Phone

Purchasing new phone is very good experience but for some people it becomes their worst experience as they purchase phone without considering some major points which most of the people don’t know.

Following are some points which will make your experience amazing.

Points To Be Consider


While purchasing new phone the first everyone notice is the price. The budget has biggest role in purchasing new phone.


Bigger is best but not every time, yes most of the people like big display but the fact is bigger the display lesser the battery backup. The best size for touch display is from 4.5″ to 5.5″ inch.


A phone without battery is simply similar to a person without food, so the battery backup is most important factor as low battery backup devices needs to charge frequently which is worst thing. So battery backup of 2000 – 3000 MAh is sufficient for device.


Most of the people see cost and other features but forgot about heart of phone, it’s processor. You can get high features phone at just 6000 – 7000 INR but you will notice processor will be either Media Tech or other but for a good phone processor like Snapdragon is best option as it has quality and standard hence it is little costly to have such good processor.


As purchasing is done the device work great for about one year but after it behaves like turtle and we need to contact customer care or repair center but if you are buying a phone which has no local service center then it will be a big mistake as anything can happen to you Device.

Camera Quality:

Taking selfie is trending now a days but what is your new phone has bad camera then you cannot enjoy and capture your happy moments and make you feel embarrassed in front of friends and family so always see camera review before buying.


Holding new phone is very amazing feeling but what if your phone has very rough texture with irrelevant edges. This decrease the enjoyment of phone.

Always considered following points to make your mobile experience amazing.


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