What Is Artificial Intelligence ?

What Is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence is just bombarding internet now a days as world’s most famous movie industry Hollywood has started picking this topic as their hot topic and hence lots of people getting attracted towards it. The biggest problem with all the people is that everyone know word artificial intelligence but don’t know what really does it means. The concept of artificial intelligence started its run from 1955 by because of John MacCarthy ( A Brilliant Computer Scientist ). Today we see so many artificial intelligence based TV series or movies but is it really like that, is it really made for that, lets go through past to view and understand​ the very first and original definition of artificial intelligence by John MacCarthy.

Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make machine use language, form abstraction and Concept, solve kind of problems now reserved for humans, and improve themselves.

So, here John MacCarthy defines that every aspect of learning should be such precisely developed and formed a principal so that a machine can simulate it or should work according to that principle. This should be done in order to obtain such output that a machine can use language provided user to form a abstract and concept so that it can solve the problems now humans are required for and at last the machine should have such intelligence and principles that it can improve itself without​ any human effort. This is whole process of setting principle, forming abstract, simulating it, solving problems and finally improve itself is nothing but artificial intelligence or better known as “AI”.

The are some major 7 area for which a artificial intelligence is designed and developing since its creation. This area’s are defined by Father of artificial intelligence’s including John MacCarthy and more. This all area will help you understand what is artificial intelligence is about.

1. Simulate higher function of human brain.

The highest function of human brain is to imagine, understand, analyze and work on the those functions. The father of artificial intelligence wanted that a machine should imagine, understand, analyze and think over it for best possible solution as thinking process of human is limited whereas this machine can give perfect solution if this area is developed fully.

2. Programming a computer to use general languages.

Here the machine should understand general languages provided by user to make it accessible to everyone and to improve reliability on machine. This area deals with user interaction with machine or computer for the input of machine where user and system interacts to generate the output according to the user inputs.

3. Arranging hypothetical neurons in a manner so that they can form concept.

This area deals with formation of concept where scientist are required so as to get machine a proper way of understanding input to form a concept or theory so that a machine can easily simulate it. Here machines are to be created perform the functions of brain automatically.

4. A way to determine and measure problem complexity.

A machine can has speed 10x faster than human hence to find out problem and to determine its complexity a machine should be useful as it can work faster than human. Here scientist want a machine to all this task to obtain solution faster and perfect.

5. Self Improvement.

The biggest and most important area in artificial intelligence is self improvement as this computers and machines run itself hence improve themselves by their own is best way to achieve perfection and quality of work. This promotes the thinking and understanding of machine intelligence.

6. Abstraction.

This area deals with working on ideas rather than of event happen in past or present to improve thinking process of computer rather than improving problem solving capability.

7. Randomness and creativity.

When it comes to human they does not have similar situation every time hence the scientist want a machine to randomized it’s thinking rather than work on single principle and include some creative thinking.

This is what a artificial intelligence is about it is quite easy and interesting to understand it and see changing world with such technology. This is all about what is artificial intelligence and what is it about.

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