Things To Know Before Buying A Smartphone

Buying a smartphone is a very easy thing now a days. Just open some e-commerce website, select your desired smartphone and simply checkout. But really is it that easy ? No, buying a smart phone is easy but selecting a smartphone is a very difficult job as we don’t check every single detail of the smartphone, which sometimes leads to wrong choice of the device. The real problem occurs when lots of devices are available with some minor changes which a normal user doesn’t think about while buying, but which play a major role in a device (for example: Processor). So here is a complete tech guide for making your choice a perfect choice. While buying a smartphone next time just follow the below points and make sure everything is checked and verified.


When we think of a smartphone first thing that comes to mind is a display with amazing picture quality and a standard size. Here we forget to check display type like; IPS or AMOLED.

IPS Display:- IPS stands for “In Plane Switching” this display is widely used in smartphone as it provides high colour accuracy, view angle up to 170°, Can be easily viewed in sunlight and it is affordable.

OLED Display:- OLED stands for ” organic light-emitting diode” this display is little costlier then IPS Displays and used by top brands as it saves battery. These are slim, bright and on screen touch a feel. The main difference between IPS and OLED is that IPS has full screen backlight system which consumes more battery, but in case of OLED batteries the pixels have individual backlight which provides only required​ amount of light. Hence, it saves battery. Plus as no full screen backlight is provided it requires less space and has less size. Here IPS is recommended or one can use OLED by customising it’s settings.

The another aspect While buying is protection. Hence, buying smartphone with gorilla glass is best option but when it comes to its different versions then user may get confused, where Corning gorilla 3 and Corning gorilla 4 has same hardness but 4 has less thickness which is best if you can get it, but in other case Corning gorilla 3 is also a good choice.

Operating Systems (OS):-

Operating system plays a vital role in a smartphone because every single thing that happens within a smartphone happens through the operating system. It’s very easy to buy a smartphone with latest operating system but while purchasing such a smartphone, user should buy with features where it is mentioned that it is upgradable so as to get continuous upgrades for your device.


The main element in a smartphone is its Processor, while selecting​ a smartphone very few people consider its processor, but the confusion arises when they have to select between a Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek processor. Now the basic thing to remember is if you are going to a budget phone under 10,000 Rs then you must go for Mediatek, as Snapdragon is a medium range processor and used by big brands like Samsung, LG, etc.. But if you are purchasing a device with Snapdragon processor there are varieties​ like 625, 650, 652, 653…. the reason behind avoiding Mediatek processor is they get heated and has 28 NM technology whereas Snapdragon has 20 and 14 NM technology. Qualcomm is very old and has its developed research wing where as Mediatek is new and is still developing its research wing which makes​ a big impact on quality and durability. So it is suggested to go for Snapdragon if you are purchasing a medium range phone above 10,000 to 12,000.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This memory is used by a device to respond quickly as this stores recently used data and works faster. Now in today’s​ date the applications​ have large sizes​ which consume more space. Hence, while purchasing a smartphone one must go for minimum 2 GB RAM and if user is capable of buying more then one should surely go for higher specification.


The device with higher internal storage always stays​ great as it reduces load on Processor and RAM. The minimum storage required is 16 GB and if you go for higher variety​ it will provide you some more space for your creativity as a single picture now a days has a size of 2-5 MB.


Selfies​ and taking photos is trending now a days but while purchasing a smartphone you must consider all things rather than just megapixels, for example, flash. The flash comes in more variety such as dual LED and dual tone where as dual LED is just a flash light from two led flashlights​, but in dual tone the flash adjusts the flash warmth according to surrounding which led to great pictures quality. Another thing which we left behind is the aperture. This is related to opening of the camera which is mentioned is such a way f/1.8, f/2.0, f/2.2 and etc. In this, lower the value better the aperture. For example, f/1.8 is better than f/2.2. hence go for dual tone rather than dual LED flash and smaller value aperture for better image.


Now most people are confused between VoLTE and 4G LTE but these are two different things. VoLTE deals with calling quality of user as VoLTE provide HD voice calling as compared to normal call. The true 4G and 4G LTE is another unknown fact that 4G is better than 4G LTE where stand “long term evolution” which is better than 3G but not true for 4G. So go for VoLTE and if available true 4G.


One of the biggest thing which a user expects is a good battery life which should last for some good time. The battery with capacity of 3000 mAh is sufficient for a device but for a hi-end device it should be 3500 to 4000 mAh. Another thing about Battery is user removable and non user removable but non user removable battery has its own advantage such as, improved design of device, light in weight and thickness of smartphone. So it is ok to go for both types​ of battery.


Last but not the least, is a brand as it is the receipt of our faith on that manufacturer the brand like Samsung, Apple, LG and etc has their own user base just because of quality and assurance. While selecting phone always go for trusted and reputed brands.

This is all you need to do while purchasing a smartphone. Remember all these things. This will help you to save your money in your further smartphone purchase. If you like our work, share and let people know the true facts while buying smartphones.

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