How to send Self Destructive Messages (BurnNote)

How to send Self Destructive Messages 

You are outside and forgot your credit card at home and want to pay but don’t have your banking detail or any information so how will you get information by message, call but is it safe really, sometimes we want to share some important information with family members or any closer one and need a safe way to share, Sometimes we want to share some important information so we need a safe hand and that we get by BurnNote. This is a automated system which send self destructing messages with some time limit and then system destruct such message and your information is safe.

How To Send Self Destructive Message

Suppose you have to send your personal details to your brother for an urgent purpose. To send the information using Burnnote just follow these simple steps.
1. Open your browser and visit Burnnote website.
2. Now sign up for an account. After creating the account, just click on new button to write a new message.
3. Type your message in the text area provided and click on options.

burnnote for sending self destructive messages

4. By default, Burnnote will set the timer for deletion of the message based on the text. If you want you can also set the timer for deletion. Password option will be available for additional security.
5. After that click on next button. If you want to email the message to any person, just provide an email  address of him and click on send button to send the secret message.
6. If you want to send the information as a text message, just click on Get link button and add a label for conversation.

send self destructive with burnnote

7. Burnnote will give you a link which you can send to the recipient. Ones he clicks on that link it will be directed to Burnnote site. When he opens the message the timer will be started and the message will be deleted permanently after the timer expires. Unread messages will be deleted after 72 hours.

how to send messages with burnnote

So By using Burnnote we can send  messages which can be deleted automatically after they have been read by the recipient. Burnnote is also available as Android and IOS application.


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