How To Remove Temporary Files From Computer

What Is Temporary Files ?

Every single computer has temporary files or better knows as temp files, but what are they? These are some files or folder created by system during run time of any program to recover data if your program is closed unexpectedly but why it is necessary to clear this temp files ? as systems runs lots of program hence creates lots of temp files which is still in operation after and creates excess load on system while if you cleaned all this file after the use of program then your system get free and can run efficiently. This reduces problem like heating, hanging, or sudden closing of program and etc. How to remove temporary files from computer… just follow simple steps below to make your computer faster.

How To Remove Temporary Files

Now how to remove temporary files lets see.. It is very easy and fast to clean all your temporary files from computer.

  • Just turn on your computer and right click on windows icon, a popup menu will open just select “Run” and enter “temp” in text box and click run.
  • Here you will see lots of files just press “Ctrl+A” and press “Shift+Delete” and close window.
  • Now similarly insert “%temp% , “prefetch”, and “recent” and just select all files and by using “Shift+Delete”.
  • Do this all cleanup process once a day if you are daily user and for 3-4 day user do it after every week.


*Note:- This trick works on all windows operating system like windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 only.

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