How To Recover Deleted Messages from WhatsApp


WhatsApp is global network messaging app, which requires internet service to operate. This company is founded by two people and recently purchased by Facebook, WhatsApp is world’s most used messaging app ever in history of messaging. The best thing the WhatsApp user like about it is WhatsApp is completely ad free and very classic messaging app, this is the reason behind it’s user base. The another reason behind it’s huge success is it’s user friendlyness but still their are some common issue and one of those common issue is to recover lost data from WhatsApp messenger may be accidentally, or etc.. here most of the user don’t know how to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, so here this article will provide you complete guide for recovering you WhatsApp messages.

How To Recover Deleted Messages From WhatsApp

This is very easy and trusted method for recovering your messages let’s see how to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp…

    • Clear your recent apps and open your device settings.
    • Now open App Management ( It may vary from Device to Device )
    • Here open WhatsApp settings and clear data.
    • Now open your file manager and search WhatsApp and open folder.

  • Here you will see two folders open called “Database​” here you will see backup files named “msgstore-2017-02-24.1.db.” now rename latest dated backup file to “megastore.db” and save it.
  • Now open WhatsApp and do all same procedure till restore page comes up, here now click restore backup and continue.
  • Now you will see all your messages and images have been restored just like before.

This method is too easy and only work with WhatsApp do not try to try with any similar messaging app we are not responsible for any lost of data and damage.

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