How To Make Your Own Stickers

How To Make Own Stickers

Using chatting service like hike, WhatsApp, and more, the most amazing part of the chatting is its sticker with various; moods, festivals, holidays etc.. what if you can create your own stickers with very ease and fast. As sticker help to say more with less typing it is becoming peoples favorite sticker like good night, good morning is general but what if you surprised your friends by replacing your regular sticker with your face or your own sticker, seems amazing so let’s try it now… How To Make Your Own Stickers

Things Needed..

Before you start creating your own sticker you will need to have a android device and a android app just install and open app mentioned below…

Android App:-  Bobble Keyboard – GIF Sticker

follow the steps below and see how to make own stickers.

Steps To Follow

      • Download and install app from above link in any android device.
      • Open app and allow all permissions.
      • Now enable bobble keyboard by clicking button on screen visible to you.
      • In settings “On” bobble keyboard and hit back.
      • Now lets select bobble keyboard hit button on screen “step 2”.
      • The system will ask you to select keyboard in popup menu select bobble keyboard.
      • Hit lets get started, now a popup will ask you to allow camera permission.
      • Now place your face in circular shape seen on screen.
      • The device will ask you to select your gender.
      • Now this will show three options select best one and continue editing it by erasing, hair, and face cleaning.
      • click the next arrow and proceed further, a popup will show you your custom sticker if its correct hit done or edit again.
      • Now you will see different sticker with different quotes, you can add many from slider below and may change head by face icon at right bottom.
      • Now Open WhatsApp, Or Any messaging app and type something on right top you will see sticker icon hit it and open all stickers.
      • It’s done send sticker whichever you want and surprise your friends.

Type less express more with your real emotions, enjoy making custom stickers so this is a blog about how to make your own stickers. We hope you like this post share and appreciate our works… If any suggestions feel free to comment below..

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