How To Create A Strong And Secure Password Within Minutes

Password is so common term now a days. Every day in our life we use passwords on computers, phones, tablets and other devices. Let’s try to define this so common term in our daily life; this would help us understand the way password is useful and develop a thought about the systems and methods of secure password creation.

Password, this a not a word its entire security system for your most of our online/offline accounts, as access to the internet is growing number of accounts are also growing and simultaneously the number of hacking activities too. The main thing which prevents you from all this stuff is your password, If the password is good enough there is no need to worry, but most of the people in the world doesn’t understand what is a secure password. Let’s discuss some things which can convert your password to a secure password.

As above image shows how the password should be following are some important thing to make your password stronger.

It must consist of Capital letters

The secure password must consist of minimum One capital letters or more as per your desired password this combination of password is very difficult to crack.

It must consist of Small Letter 

Small letters are very essential to make your password long and fulfill minimum length of password this may of minimum 5 characters and maximum 15 characters for a secure password.

It must consist of Special Character 

There should be one or more special Characters like @, &,#,£,$,¥,€, or ¢. The most common ones are @ and $, but if you want password to be a easy to remember, then you should go with this characters but if you want strong and secure password then it should be from rest of them. It can be one, two or more but using one character is sufficient for a strong and secure password.

Special characters are used so that the password can form a unique combination of alphabets, digits and special characters.

It must consist of Digits 

Digits in the secure password are like a backbone to the password, it is also required thing for a strong password. A good combination of numbers will make the password stronger than what is it is without the digits, more the combination of digits more secure password. Generally, it is sufficient if you have 3 digits or 4 digits in your password in order to remember it. Sometimes a password may consist of only digits (for eg. a phone no), but your phone no can be shared online and in that case, your password can be hacked and hence it is recommended that it should be in combination with other alphabets and special characters and this makes the password completely strong.

It must be a long password

Now the total length of the password should be between 12-20 characters. If you gather all this stuff together and create your own password then it is a stong and secure password.

It must be meaningless

It must not be a word from dictionary or something which is meaningful. A word from dictionary or a noun is very easy to guess.

What can be your Password ( Suggestions )

  • Memorable events
  • Quotes of famous people
  • Lyrics of favorite songs
  • Dialogs of movies
  • A phrase from a literature book
  • Our own favorite phrase
  • Proverb and sayings

Changing passwords regularly

More than 50% of people use a password which is 5 year old. Why people are so lazy? The problem is to remember the password when changed. If somebody is changing password regularly it’s a hard task to remember them exactly. One method to add one more layer of security to stronger password is to change it regularly. This provides a very strong protection from hacking as even if somebody knows a pattern it’s hard to guess when it is suddenly changed. A regularly changing password has very less chance to be hacked than a password which is not changed for a long time. Make a password change calendar. Decide some dates in a calendar to change password and change your password on these dates regularly. Celebrate New Year with new password. Changing password every year at least, is a good practice, while some websites force to change password quarterly or half yearly. It’s not necessary to change all the passwords on same date, but changing them on different dates is good only when it is possible to remember each date. Jotting down the date on which password is changed may be required.

If you find we miss something, let us know in comment section below. Don’t forget to share this information with more people and making their lives more secure.

4 thoughts on “How To Create A Strong And Secure Password Within Minutes

  • 2nd October 2017 at 9:14 am

    Nice post… Myself regularly changes password…

    • 2nd October 2017 at 5:43 pm

      Thanks for commenting 😊, Nice to see people like you are not just using internet but understanding it, and making internet a secure platform.

  • 16th October 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Thank you for the blog buddy.. it is a nice information, many people don’t take this part seriously and when their details get compromised they blame the tool or concern person whereas they have it their hands to be safe.

    You can also add up one more thing here in case you like that is password policy change should be at regular interval. But anyways was good info I personally rate it 9 out of 10, one point for password policy change buddy.. keep sharing.. it will help people educate.. cheers!!!

  • 17th October 2017 at 11:02 am

    Hey Arjun, Thanks for commenting and letting us know we will surely study a bit more on one remaining point and try to prove content more accurately.


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