How Chat With Someone Without Updating Your WhatsApp Last Seen

Generally people like sharing stuff online by changing status, sending messages and more. But the most common thing now a days found in peoples is they hate WhatsApp last seen as sometimes it becomes big trouble for some people. When you want to talk any specific person without get notified by other peoples like your Ex-Girlfriend, Family Members, or Friends. knowing that you are online may spoil your plan. When you open WhatsApp your last seen gets updated and shows when lastly you have open. So how to send messages without other peoples knowing or without updating your last seen.

WhatsApp Last Seen

Most peoples try to use various modded apps to hide their last seen but sometimes such apps may contain any harmful viruses and may damage to your phone. While installing modded apps user needs to give permission to various features like gallery, location, contacts and etc. If you are using modded apps then this may misuse your details and may create big trouble for you.

So, How to send messages to without updating WhatsApp last seen. Here is some simple trick to send WhatsApp messages without updating your WhatsApp Last seen.

  • Download and install “Google” app ( It is already installed in most of the devices ).
  •  Now Just placing you finger on home button for few seconds until floating opens and start Google app.
  • Now on right top you will find a “Mic Button” just click on that and say “Send WhatsApp Message”
  • Now it will ask you whom to send the message “Just say Name of person as saved in your contacts”
  • After selecting whom to send it will ask you what to send message now just speak what you want to say or just type in text box below.
  • At last step just say send or click on send button.
  • For checking received messages you can see notification bar or simply place WhatsApp widget to home screen.

In above way you can chat without updating your WhatsApp last Seen. We hope you will like this article and find useful, share this article with your friends and family and enjoy hiding your last seen status.

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