How To Block Ads From Any Android App

Remove Android Ads

The biggest problems any android user can face is about ads so how to remove ads. As most of the android user install free apps developer has only one option to monetize it which is showing Google ads in app. Ultimately this damages user experience so how to block ads.

How To Remove Ads From Any Android App

  • Download Lucky Patcher App from link below.


  • Open Lucky Patcher App.
  • Let app load all your application
  • Select the app from which you want to remove app.
  • Now select open menu of patches.
  • Select create modified apk file.
  • Now select apk without Google ads.
  • Hit rebuild the app.
  • Now wait for 2-5 min depending upon size of app.
  • Select go to file.
  • Click the app name from top.
  • Now select uninstall and install.
  • Now old app will be uninstall and new modified apk will be install.
  • Open app and observe your ads will be removed.


This app works with every app which contain ads.

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