How Facebook Earn Money ?

Social networking has spread its network all over the world in few decades. The most population around the world is going crazy for Facebook and such similar social networking sites. But still Facebook is worlds most popular social networking site for user and for advertisers as it easy to use, Source of information, Connectivity with old friends, Regular updates, Clean Theme, Targeted Audience And Secure. But can anyone cannot afford such huge network without earning money ? then the question arises in everyone’s mind is how does Facebook earn money ? As it is completely free for user and has lots of features. Let’s find the answer..

How Facebook Earn Money ?

Have you seen a banner or hording on street side or at the top of building ? If yes then you got the concept, Facebook works on the same principle as other website or banner or hording owner earns money. The very basic concept of earning money is marketing, displaying ads on hording, website, apps and etc. Facebook also follows the same concept but why we don’t fell different as other websites showing Ads make us feels irritated and we take off from such websites. Then what Facebook has unique which makes him more and more popular rather than making people irritated day by day.

This are some unique ways which Facebook follows to grow its data base and collect information. By using this ways Facebook grown in such large brand in very peaceful way and became world’s most popular social networking site.

  •  Clean And Simple Design:-

Facebook is very clean and user friendly in design which doesn’t trouble user even if he/she is not interested in advertisement. The clean design of website has such great ad placement that user can view Ads without getting trouble and if interested can visit the link.

  • Largest Network In The World:-

Facebook own’s worlds biggest network and after purchasing WhatsApp and Instagram it has became king of internet. This network has made huge difference in online marketing as most of the website owners doesn’t have option of targeted audience, but Facebook has created such good network that it has almost every information about you like; Your Location, Mobile no., Photos, Messages and more. After collecting all information from WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, like your contacts, links shared, Images and more. It creates a group of people with similar interest and shows related ads. Facebook knows what to show you accurately so you can click Ads or visit interested product or service offering.

From above two points it has been cleared that Facebook has very accurate audience and very unique way of marketing, wasting money for displaying ads to any random person than of interested make huge loss to advertiser, hence Facebook became popular for advertisers as they are getting more benefit from Facebook marketing strategies. Now coming back to question how Facebook earn money? As like everything Facebook takes money from advertisers to display ads and shows it to targeted audience all around the world which makes Facebook more popular and creates huge revenue money and as it shows ads to user hence it provide free service to account holders. Facebook’s strong growth continued into the fourth quarter of 2015, with the company posted record earnings for the quarter and the year. The company earned $3.69 billion on $17.93 billion in revenue in2015; revenue was increased by 44 percent of 2014.

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