Apple IOS 10.3 Should You Update Right Now (Revised)

Apple’s latest IOS 10.3 has came down and everyone is curious to get it installed but, should you update right now. There are lost of thing you need to know before you install apple IOS 10.3. This OS comes with update of nearly 600 MB which can be downloaded and installed within 20-25 min. Now it completely depends upon internet connection. So let’s get started…

This biggest good news from Apple is this IOS consist of lots of additional features like, Finding your earphones, this OS has additional feature in which supports finding of your lost earphones by using apple’s find my phone feature.

The another big news is about siri, this OS 10.3 has added more features like payment, ride booking apps and more option which you can directly access from siri.

Next is about iTunes, this finally supports movie rentals. As this was most awaited feature. Watching movies in theaters is very time consuming and tedious hence rental services are growing rapidly and now it has boost with apple rental service.

Settings– a unified view for Apple ID account information, settings and devices V. This OS has improved all views, information and devices settings.

Another most useful feature is the map, now by zooming particular area you can view weather update directly on your map for your search location. This feature help alot while traveling from one place to another.

Most useful feature is about Car play this is a shortcut to notification bar for apple music, recent apps, playlist and etc. Now everyone like shortcut so apple has developed a great way to meet users need and satisfaction.

So, finally we can conclude that all this feature does not make this as OS but big update for all apple users for which they are waiting for so long. This update have more features and also  improve user experience.

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2 thoughts on “Apple IOS 10.3 Should You Update Right Now (Revised)

  • 12th July 2017 at 6:25 pm

    I’ve often had internet explorer and I actually never used anything else. What can google chrome and firefox do that ie cant?.

    • 13th July 2017 at 12:12 pm

      Thanks for commenting, there is lots of thing Chrome and FireFox has lot so features which Internet explorer doesn’t have like custom Themes, Plugins, Quick Bookmark Options secure as google search engine ( Specially Chrome) and a lot more. Try once.


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