How To Make Your Phone Fast 100% Working/ Make Android Faster

Make Android Faster

Using android smart phone has lots of advantages but as android is multitasking OS hence when the android device get little older the common issue which arises in all cases is slowing device, this make user unhappy, where most of users install lots of apps and make it faster but it does not last forever then make android faster.

Just few Steps

  • Open developers option ( If you don’t know how to enable developers setting’s read blog below) from setting’s.

Enable Developers Setting’s:

  • Go to “Drawing” setting
  • Here you will see, window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale.

  • Click each of them as default setting it is ” 1 x” now select either “Off” or “0.5 x” option.

  • Well done test phone speed by pressing home button now your phone will respond 20-50% faster.

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