How To Download Games For Free Like “GTA V”

  1. What About Torrent?

As after banning torrent, now the biggest issue with peoples how to download games for free like; GTA V, CS Go, and etc,  before anyone can download costly game completely free but now the condition is that all the torrent has been shutdown by major countries and also some laws has been setup so how?

So, to download the games completely free just follow the steps mentioned below;

Download Games Free

This is going to be supper gift for the game lovers;

  • Go to Google search engine and type “Oceans of games”
  • Then click the first link and open website


  • Now on home page, type tittle of game you want in search box and hit enter


  • There on result page you will see the list of version available
  • Now click on the version you want (for eg. GTA V, GTA III)
  • On game page scroll down till you see download.
  • Now hit download button
  • It will redirect you to another site just have patience and wait
  • On redirected page you will see “click to proceed” now it click it and wait till page get refresh automatically
  • After getting refresh you will see downloading  has been started just wait till game download mean while you can watch installation instructions.


  • Now return to game page there you will find “Installation video” now click on it, again you have to repeat download process but now you will land on black screen with video player at center

  • Now right click on the video player window and then and click on “save as”
  • Or you can watch video online and watch instruction provided in it.


Similarly you can download other games for absolutely free and enjoy it or you can gift to your children’s and make them happy.

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